Tipps zum Finden des eigenen Kennzeichens

Drivers and passengers on today’s roads will find that personalized license plates on their cars are becoming increasingly popular. Custom license plates are no longer a luxury for the elite. Thousands of inexpensive license plates are currently on the market. As with all car registrations, individual license plates are all different, and letters and numbers are combined to create a completely unique license plate. However, the way these characters are combined sets up a personal license plate that sets it apart from regular vehicle registrations.

Personal license plates can read people’s names, and specific words, or contain numbers that are important to the owner. One of the most popular and affordable options is to buy a personal license plate with your initials on it. Most of these are available for under 300.

For those considering purchasing a new license for their vehicle, it is helpful to understand how a personal license plate is structured. Custom license plates often use numbers to represent letters. A classic example is the number 3, which stands for the letter E. Another number used is 1 for I, usually a 2 is read as the letter R and the number 4 is used to represent the letter A. Using these simple rules, several great personalized license plates like the MAS 732S (Masters) have been found. Other numbers, such as the number 11, can be used to represent H or U, but require an ominous “volt” between the numbers. It is illegal to change license plates in any form and doing so will result in fines to the keeper and may cause the car to fail the inspection.

When purchasing a personalized license plate, you cannot simply create a license plate using the letters or numbers you want. All personal license plates must follow the format established by DVLA. The oldest personal registration number is called the dateless license plate. Dateless wunschkennzeichen abfrage have no age identifier and can be assigned to any vehicle of any age. There are two kinds of this type of custom license plate. A letter is followed by a number, followed by a number followed by a letter. Dateless plates first appeared when the original dateless series ran out. The local council overturned the format to double the number of available combinations. For this reason, an updated license plate with a number on it first is called a reverse dateless plate. In general, it is preferable to use a letter followed by a number as it shows that license plates are the original problem and are usually older and therefore more valuable.

Other types of personal license plates include suffix and prefix vehicle registrations. The suffix license plate has 3 letters and up to 3 numbers, followed by the last letter indicating the year it was issued. A prefix private license plate is the opposite of a suffix registration, with up to three numbers and three letters added after the letter indicating the year of issue. In September 2001, DVLA introduced the current license plate format consisting of two letters, two numbers and three letters. At first, I thought this new format wouldn’t make many personalized license plates, but over the years several classic examples have been discovered, such as the BL07 GGS (blog) and the RU55 ELL (Russell).

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