Ernst Young US 64b q1levyCNC Invests in US Venture Capital

Ernst and Young is one of the largest professional services firms in the world. They provide assurance, tax, and advisory services to companies in a variety of industries. In the United States, they have huge assets under management. They are one of the largest investors in venture capital, and they have a long history of supporting startups and small businesses.

In the first quarter of 2018, they invested over 1.2 billion dollars in venture capital. This is a significant increase from the previous quarter, and it shows that they are committed to supporting the growth of new businesses.

Ernst Young US has announced that it will be investing $64 billion dollars in Venture Capital firms in the United States. This move comes as a surprise to many, as most of the money has been invested in Europe and Asia up to this point. However, with the current state of the economy, it is a very savvy move by Ernst Young.

  1. This move will spur growth and create jobs.

The United States has always been a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurialism. And with good reason. The United States has some of the best colleges and universities in the world, which produce talented students who go on to start companies and create jobs. By investing in Venture Capital firms, Ernst Young is directly investing in the future of the United States economy.

  1. This move will also create jobs.

Many of the Venture Capital firms that Ernst Young is investing in are start-ups that are just getting off the ground. These companies will need to hire people to help them grow and scale their businesses. So, not only will this move spur economic growth, but it will also create much-needed jobs in the United States.

Ernst Young’s investment fund will go towards venture capital firms in the US that are focused on technology and healthcare.

This is a big move for Ernst Young, but it’s not surprising. They have been moving more and more into the venture capital space over the last few years. They see the potential for high returns in these industries, and they want to be a part of it.

This move will also help them keep up with their competitors. Many of the other large professional services firms have already made similar investments.

The goal of this fund is to help these young companies grow and succeed. With Ernst Young’s help, they will have access to resources and expertise that they wouldn’t otherwise have. This will give them a leg up as they try to make it in today’s competitive landscape.


Ernst Young’s $64 billion investment in US Venture Capital firms is a smart move that will spur economic growth and create jobs. With so much talent and potential in the United States, investing in startups is a great way to ensure that this country continues to be a hotbed of innovation for years to come.

This is good news for both Ernst Young and the companies that they are investing in. With this infusion of cash, these young companies will have a much better chance of succeeding. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years.

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